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At WIWGROUP we are “Client Focused” that’s why when we are your consultants we take on the full responsibilty of your organization, after a comprehensive survery to give us a full understanding of your company’s strengths and weaknesses. We introduce every employee (from Accountant, Manager to Advisor/ Retired Government Officials to the meaning of “Return on Investment” and then implementation of Key Core Competencies that includes Corporate Culture and much more. What works in Nepal, works in the Netherlands and that is the corporate approach we take. Our success at Sylhet’s largest NRB investment has shown us that our strategies work all over the world.


Have you ever heard the saying, “A rolling stone gathers no moss”? What it tells us is extremely important. We must constantly re-invent ourselves and our organizations in order to keep up with the world. The world is constantly changing, the best way to succeed is to keep changing with it. Innovation is the key to that change. At Walsh Imdad Weinberg Group our consultants analyze your current business strategy and show you where change is needed.


To be a part of a winning team the members of an organization need to know, practice and deliver its Corporate Culture to the world. What is Corporate Culture? It comprises the attitudes, values, beliefs, norms, trends, attire, etiquette and customs of an organization. The importance of this is growing and internationally companies are encouraging employees to act like owners. Positive corporate cultural motivates employees which helps organizations become more successful. Let our consultants show you how Corporate Culture can help your company.


People never plan to fail, they fail to plan.” While many organizations start out well and achieve some success in the short term, their short sighted vision (plan) fails in the long term. Let our Marketing, Management & Corporate Culture Consultants help you plan to succeed.

ready to serve you the experience of over thirty years in business and marketing
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Ehsan Imdad

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Robert Weinberg

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Lori Ann Walsh

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