A day with Chairmen, Presidents, MDs & CEOs

This program is a very informal discussion of 6 hours with the top management of a company or corporation. Main participation may be limited to the following positions or responsibility holders:, Chief Visionary Officer, Chairman/Head-Board of Trustee, President/Managing Director/CEO, Deputy Managing Director/Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, In house and exclusive Corporate Attorney/Head of Regulatory Affairs (if any), In house and exclusive Certified Public Account or Certified Financial Planner (if any), Total number of participants should not exceed eight.

Topics may or may not include the following;

*Corporate Culture* Global Corporate Arena *Communication *Negotiation Science *Competencies in Corporation *Social Issues *Dos and Dons  *Attire, Etiquette & Manner *Sexual Harassment *Marketing Communication *Sales Administration & Management *Selling Around the World  *Motivational Techniques  *Understanding Human

Caution! : This is an interactive program discussion that may range from realistic goals to personal hygiene; corporate manners, and etiquette to micro management; behavioral science to motivational techniques; and negotiation science to self-criticism. As head of the organization, you will decide who should be included and who should not.

Sales growth in 16 hours

This is a two day long program designed for Vice Presidents of Sales and Marketing, Regional Directors, Area Managers, District Managers and Sales Executives. First four hours will be with the sales management and marketing team. Sales Executives will join later.

The program may include:

Learning session

Brainstorming session,

Interactive program

Practice and role-play session

Simulation hour

The two-day curriculum may include the following topics:

*Selling Power *Integrity *Building Rapport & Trust *Need base Sell *Discover the unrealized Need *Solution Techniques *Buying Signal *Body Language *Eye Contact *Listening Power * Probe-Feature-Advantage-Benefit-Trial-Close-Close *Objection Handling-Acknowledge -Clarify-Verify-Trial-Close *Client Service *Interpersonal Communication *Sales Rep is a Business Owner *Target-Goal-Actual *Compare yourself among peers *Selling to Top Management *Plan of Action *Think Bold and Think Big *Winning Attitude *Understanding Human *Corporate Social Arena *Attire Etiquette & et cetera.

Benefit: Feature says it all.

Corporate & Global Business Culture

Corporate Attire, Etiquette and et cetera

“Corporate culture comprises the attitudes, values, beliefs, norms, trends, attire, etiquette, and custom of an organization. We are globalizing, it means awareness of neighbors and we are globalizing because it is an important part of the definition of “human’. As we are globalizing and an understanding of the global corporate culture and arena is important. Social culture affects the corporate world. We at WIW believe most organizations operate with a diversity of cultures. This is specially true considering the increasing world wide mobility of people, cultures and values” – Ehsan Imdad, “The Art of Marketing Communication and Corporate Culture” This can be designed for both 8 hours and 16 hours program.

Course may include the following topics:

*Affects of Company’s Culture on You *Influences on Corporate Culture *Global Corporate Arena *The Other Culture *Discovering the Characteristics of other Culture *Cross Cultural Communication *Sociolinguistics *Remove Cross Cultural Barriers *Choose Your Words Carefully *Communication Tools *Speaking to an Audience *Acceptance of racial, religious and ethnic diversity *“Have a life” outside the company *Accept Changes *Corporate Social Arena *Attire *Appearance * “Don’t Copy   Hollywood”*Etiquette and etc.*Tips on Table rule, Table Manner, *Corporate Graces and Social Graces  *And also An Interactive Program on Cultural Communication – East &West.

Key Core Competencies in Corporations

This program is designed for managers, trainers, teachers, coach and other upper management personnel who oversee or supervise subordinate executives so that upon mastering these key core competencies they can teach the same to all the employees and follow up with them on a timely weekly/monthly/quarterly manner. The course will cover the following 10 competencies:

Adaptive Thinking – Development Items & Development Activities

Organizational Awareness – Development Item & Development Activities

Concern for Impact – Development Items & Development Activities

Interpersonal Awareness – Development Items & Development Activities

Relationship Building – Development Items & Development Activities

Self-Confidence – Development Items & Development Activities

Resourcefulness – Development Items & Development Activities

Action and Results Orientation – Development Items & Development Activities

Customer Service Orientation – Development Items & Development Activities

Teamwork – Development Items & Development Activities

Negotiation Science

Fortunately or unfortunately corporate negotiation has become a science as human race is getting smarter. Life becomes more complex and the world more diverse, your ability to use negotiation skills becomes more important. By participating and practicing the negotiation strategies and skills suggested in this program you can make conflict resolution a regular part of your approach to managing relationships in your business world.

This is a four hour program which may includes the following topics:

*The Goal of Negotiation * How Can Everyone Win *Separate People and Issues *Invent Option for Mutual Gain * Communication for Negotiation *When the Other Party is More Powerful *When the Other Party Uses Dirty Tricks *Effective Negotiation Tips

Motivational Techniques & Human Nature

This program is divided into two parts, first three hours are on Motivational Techniques and the last hour is on Human Nature. The course includes the following subjects;

*Think Big *Think Bold *Managers as Motivator *Wining Attitude *Most Valuable Asset *”He will like what you have if you like what he has” *Set Your Goal &Move Towards Your Goal *Keep It Always High*Understanding of Human Race *Personality Style *Visual *Auditorious *Kinesthetic *General Ideas about Human

Professional Practice Building & Development

A Comprehensive Practice Building Resource Program of WIWGROUP

Dear Professionals; Individual Professional practices have been hurt tremendously in the last few years.  A significant reason private and small group practices are being hurt is that large group practices are predominantly managed by giant Groups with their mass networking employee/partner and large promotional budgets network. As an individual or small group practice, it is hard to change how practices these days are being conducted. However, other reasons why individual and small group practices are being hurt are preventable. Let’s control the controllable. Make it a busy practice by spending a few hours with us.


To help individual professionals and small group practices to increase the number of clients and improve the quality care and services aspects of their businesses.


*Promote you to people *Public Relations *Neighborhood Residents *Your target clients *Direct PR newsletter *Community events *Awareness Program *Outreach campaign *Special events and promotion *Your competitor *Your major accomplishments in your field *Handicap access (if any) *Become a Peoples Person *Mingling Skills