A day with Chairmen, Presidents, MDs & CEOs

This program is a very informal discussion of 6 hours with the top management of a company or corporation. Main participation may be limited to the following positions or responsibility holders:, Chief Visionary Officer, Chairman/Head-Board of Trustee, President/Managing Director/CEO, Deputy Managing Director/Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, In house and exclusive Corporate Attorney/Head of Regulatory Affaires (if any), In house and exclusive Certified Public Account or Certified Financial Planner (if any), Total number of participants should not exceed eight.

Topics may or may not include the following;

*Corporate Culture* Global Corporate Arena *Communication *Negotiation Science *Competencies in Corporation *Social Issues *Dos and Dons  *Attire, Etiquette & Manner *Sexual Harassment *Marketing Communication *Sales Administration & Management *Selling Around the World  *Motivational Techniques  *Understanding Human

Caution! : This is an interactive program discussion may range from realistic goals to personal hygiene; corporate manners, etiquette to micro management; behavioral science to motivational techniques; and negotiation science to self criticism. As head of the organization you will decide who should be included and who should not.

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